General Safety

  • There is extensive CCTV coverage throughout the campus.
  • Every girls’ washroom has a maid deputed outside full-time to ensure that no boy enters
  • Every entrance and exit of VIS campus is manned by a full-time security guard
  • VIS has an organised, systematic emergency operations plan in place to reduce risks and to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover, in the unlikely event of a crisis situation.

Fire Safety

  • The campus is fully equipped with fire safety equipment
  • The Staff and students go through regular, comprehensive fire safety drills

Electrical and Infrastructural Safety

A number of rules and guidelines are stated and strictly enforced to ensure all electrical equipment and physical infrastructure is safe at all times.

VIS Transport Safety Policy

A number of transport related rules and guidelines are in place and strictly enforced for drivers, bus-cleaners and transport in-charges, to ensure maximum safety for children at all times when travelling to and from school and in any dealings with school drivers and transport personnel. Drivers are expected to follow a strict code of conduct.

Cyber Safety Policy

There are strict rules and guidelines for staff to follow when it comes to the use of Internet and social media.