St. Vivekanand Educational & Cultural Welfare Society (Regd.) founded in 1978, consists of a body of highly experienced professionals that believe they have a contribution to make the nation which can be attained by providing good education. The society believes that good education is the child’s fundamental right.

Vivekanand International Sr. Sec. School is committed to nurturing and providing future Indian World citizens. We believe that any institute of learning that does not foster change for the better will render itself irrelevant in the fast paced global scenario. Therefore, the infrastructure of Vivekanand International School has been geared to meet this challenge head on.

Our Mission

The VIS mission is to create a better future for all children. We believe in maximising opportunities for children through holistic, values-based education of the highest quality and imparting the moral values of honesty, integrity, compassion and discipline as an integral part of the student’s personality.

Our Vision

VIS vision is to create an environment where learning is not just restricted to instructions but a passion, which goes beyond books, beyond instructions, beyond learning horizons. We believe in building character, enriching minds and providing enriching experiences that last a lifetime so that our children become socially motivated and conscious citizens of India and the world.

Our Belief

We firmly believe that Children are the lamps who can illuminate the path of the nation, if provided quality education and we are truly dedicated towards it.